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Faro Surfboard Bags

Faro Surfboard Bags

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Inspired by the simplicity of the past, when things were built to last, Faro Board Bags are your go-to board bag for dawnies, day trips, and weekend adventures. Handmade in the Californias, these bags are equipped with an adjustable opening that allows them to easily slide on and off all of the boards in your quiver. So you can rest easy knowing that any board you have is safe from the sun, dings, and scratches.

The high quality workmanship means that Faro is the last bag you'll ever need - if it  breaks you can send it to us for repair. If we can't repair it, we'll give you credit towards your next Faro bag. See returns for more details.

No busted zips! All bags are fitted with a simple roll-top and clip fastening that's super easy to use and won't get jammed by sand. Just order a bag that is equal to or larger than your board to allow for at leats two turns of the opening.

All bags come with a removable shoulder strap and are built to fit over your board with fins still attached. 10' & 11' bags have a velcro opening to accommodate longer fins.

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