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Cork Front Grip Arrow

Cork Front Grip Arrow

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Save time on waxing with RSPro's long lasting traction made from sustainable cork. Aside from looking like 'the business' these traction pads offer excellent grip in all water temperatures, that means no re-waxing for surfing different countries or seasons.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the fletching feathers of an arrow.
  • Super thin for a better board feeling and without the "locked up” effect of traditional pads. 
  • Sustainable and energy efficient material.
  • Works on all kinds of boards (epoxy, PU, wood) except foam.
  • Shape match with HexaTraction and other RSPro wax alternatives completing a full no-wax board.
  • Doesn’t absorb water. 
  • Cork honeycomb shaped cells with excellent impact absorption properties.
  • Heat protection and insulation.
  • Design & manufacturing in Barcelona.


  • 1mm thickness.
  • 6 cut outs for better grip and reduced weight.
  • General dimensions: 35.5x50 cm (14"x19.7").
  • Net weight: 112 grams (3.95 ounces).

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