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KIKI Natural Surf wax

KIKI Natural Surf wax

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KIKI surf wax is a small batch product, hand made in Portugal using locally sourced bees wax and pine rosin. That's it - no paraffin, soy derivatives or artificial aromas. Just good stuff.

KIKI shows us that natural doesn't mean compromising performance in the water - their Cold, Cool and Basecoat waxes perform as well as any that we've tested and keep your feet exactly where you want them, no matter what size wave you're surfing.

Choose the right wax for your area:

KIKI makes 3 different waxes that are optimised for different water temperatures:

Cold - Best in waters 10-16°C

Cool - Best in waters 17-23°C

Basecoat - Used as a primer to help Cold or Cool wax stick to your board better or as a top coat for those surfing warm tropical waters.

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